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postheadericon Why You Need A Semi-Automatic Rifle

You are at home enjoying yourself on the sofa. The TV is blaring the latest news about Ebola. The kids are all upstairs playing video games. Your wife is in the kitchen, humming to herself while she brews a cup of coffee. The bag of potato chips at your side still has plenty of the […]

postheadericon Non Lethal Self Defense – The Importance

There will be some ‘experts’ who does advise you to fail to fight rear, but in its place to adhere to the cyber criminals requests and then to call the authorities whenever you can. The fact is that the police officers will be first responders. They respond as soon as the bad detail has taken […]

postheadericon The Self-Defense Keychain

The actual Kubaton is really a lightweight metallic, plastic material or wood dowel. It can about 5 inches lengthy and another 1 / 2 inch within size. The actual shaft of the tool is generally knurled or even grooved in order that it does not slip within your hands. On a single finish from the […]