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A recent project was launched to create a veterans center at the University of Baltimore, and it was spurred forward by a donation of one million dollars from the founder of the popular site, which sells domain names. This huge donation is going to make it possible for many people who are returning from war to get the help and assistance that they need as they move back into civilian life. It is something that the country has desperately needed for years now, and having the center is sure to change the lives of thousands of people.

Bob Parson, Soldier
The founder of GoDaddy, Bob Parson, knows what it is like to be a soldier who has to come home to the United States and try to live a normal life again. He was in Vietnam. This was one of the most traumatic wars for any soldiers to serve in, and it was made even worse by the fact that the citizens at home were not always behind the soldiers, often treating them terribly when they came back. Since he went through this, Parson knows what it can be like for soldiers who come back now, during another war that is being disputed, that people do not always support.

Bob Parson, Student
When he got back, Parson went to the University of Baltimore, using the GI Bill to pay for his education. This is the way that he was able to learn what he needed to know to launch such a successful career. It also opened his eyes up to just how much different it is for soldiers to come back home. He saw firsthand how they had to get used to living a normal life, and how many of them could not cope with it, and would have almost been happier if they had still been at war.

Seeing this showed him that he needed to do something to change this for future generations. If soldiers would rather be in danger of dying than be at home, where they were safe, he knew that something was seriously wrong. He knew that the system needed to change. These soldiers were well trained and professional, but they struggled to get jobs and succeed because of the stress of being at war and their inability to adjust to anything else when they got back, and that is what Parson wanted to change if he was given a chance.

Bob Parson Philanthorpist
Of course, things like that take time and money, and Parson did not have it at first. He still had a long way to go before he was going to have the kind of money that was necessary to make a huge impact. However, he never forgot about what he wanted to do and how important he knew that it was. It was always something that was on his mind, and he was just waiting for the chance to take action.

Thankfully, that chance has now arrived. The center that he is helping to build is going to give soldiers the resources that they need to move back into civilian life. It is going to give them more opportunities than Parson had when he got back from Vietnam. His dream is to make it so that all veterans are able to succeed.

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