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An aircraft need to have machine that work well with the system. If the parts of aircraft can work correctly, then it will give the pilot simplicity in controlling the flight. An aircraft contains of some main parts, like engines, cabin, rudders, wings, and cockpit. They are the most fundamental Aircraft components. They have big role in controlling the flight. An aircraft will need engine as the power source. The aircraft cannot fly correctly without engine. Some aircraft use propellers or jet engines. There are some differences about them. Propellers use internal combustion engine in driven. An aircraft that use jet engine will use turbines. It will create thrust.

Military AircraftAircraft also need cabin as the interior. The cabin can be divided into cargo, the passenger and the cockpit. The pilot will use cockpit to control the aircraft. There are many important instruments that useful to control the flight. So the cockpit is placed in front side of aircraft to ease the pilot to do the job. The passenger can use passenger cabin. Usually it contains of seating area and restroom. In good aircraft, you also can find TV monitor in this cabin. It is one of the most important parts in an aircraft.

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