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Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSC), Duty Military Occupational Specialty (DMOS), Military Occupational Specialty Qualification (MOSQ) or Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC)? The terminology will vary based on the branch of service. The meaning is the same. This is the job designators used by the military branches. What the civilian world refers to as a radiology technician is a hospital man in the Navy. An Army native language speaker carries the title of translator in the civilian job market. Each of these designators has a training and advancement path attached to it. The required military training in partnership with college courses provides enhanced advancement opportunities.

Set Apart
There is another opportunity for advancement within the military community. Cross training in another discipline. Some auxiliary degrees and training augment the primary career path. Two of these additional skill acquisitions are a degree in business management or a degree in information technology.

Business Degrees
On the surface, it may not seem that a degree in business would be useful in the military environment. Management of staff, supplies, and projects are part of the day-to-day military operations. A degree in business from military friendly colleges allows the service member to develop these essential management skills and apply them in a military environment. A mechanic who understands inventory, accounting, and personnel management strategies provides an expert mechanic who happens to have the management skills needed to operate the vehicle pool. That opportunity in turn opens the door to other management level opportunities. Adding a business degree is the first step.

Information Technology
Computers are in every facet of life. Healthcare, legal, and business fields all need people who can diagnose and repair computers. Computers are the tools of choice to manage, strategize, and track a variety of projects. A military personnel clerk is responsible for paperwork management. Obtaining training or a degree in information technology enables that same service member to troubleshoot problems with computers and printers. Any management level supervisor would find this additional skill set in a Yeoman a happy bonus.

Maximizing Cross Training
The first step is to identify cross training that would benefit any position. An education counselor is available on each post and ship to assist in developing a career plan. The counselor will be able to help locate any scholarship for active duty military personnel and aid in finding the top military friendly colleges for that skill set. Multitasking educational opportunities to add appropriate cross training gives the service member the edge for advancement.

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