postheadericon Organization Is The Key To Successful Moving

When a move is coming up, there is anticipation and excitement in the air! Everyone hopes moving goes well, that everything is packed safely, arrives in good condition and that the chosen movers do a fantastic job. With pre-planning and good organization, all these things can happen.

Military people probably have more experience moving than the average person. In fact, the average for military families is a move about every two years. This involves a lot of logistics, planning and coordination. Towards the end of a military career, most families have become experts at successful moving.

Organize Paperwork For Smoother Moves

One thing that’s easy to overlook is crucial paperwork for moving and documents for life events. Important papers should be kept in an accordion style file folder. This includes birth certificates, shot records, marriage certificates, financial records, power of attorney, receipts for the move, resumes and health records. If you’re a military family, a copy of your PCS (moving) orders should also be in the folder.

When paperwork is in one convenient place, some of the pressure of moving is eased. You find that you’re not stuffing important receipts in places where they’ll probably be forgotten. With all the stress that naturally happens with moving, you don’t want to add time spent searching for important documents.

More Tips For A Successful Move

Other helpful moving tips include:

- Use your camera – Your camera is an important tool that comes in handy for moving. If it’s a cell phone camera, you’ll probably have it handy all the time. Use it to take pictures of belongings. Pictures are easier than keeping detailed written records of possessions for insurance and liability purposes. Take pictures of electronics, too. The back of your television set is a good place to start, so you’ll remember how wires were connected without a manual.

- Ziploc bags – Ziploc bags are also helpful. Use them for things like silverware, small items in drawers and for pieces of assembled furniture hardware like that used for children’s beds. The more you can keep things together and keep them where they were in your former home, the easier things will be.

Moving is an exciting, adventure filled time. Learning experiences are waiting and new friendships are going to be made. When it’s an organized experience, it becomes a successful venture for everyone.

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