postheadericon Protect Your Livelihood When Protecting Your Life

It’s 2 a.m. The sound of breaking glass shatters the still air in the house, startling you out of a sound sleep. You reach for the 9mm in the bedside table, slide out of bed, and go to the top of the stairs, placing yourself and your weapon between your children and the threat. The intruder rushes the stairs, and you do just as your practice and training taught you. The entire clip of hollow points finds a home center mass. What happens next?

The aftermath of a self-defense shooting can be more traumatic than the actual events that led up to it. There are multiple concerns when dealing with a legal shooting:

• Emotional trauma
• Reactions of friends and family
• Possible prosecution
• Possible civil lawsuits from the family and friends of your assailant


Protecting Your Life

While none of these possible consequences costs so much they are worth losing your life, they can each have an impact on your livelihood. A self-defense insurance program from companies like CarryDefense, can at least give you protection for you legal needs.

The rise of social media and new media is steadily bringing the issue of gun control and self-defense laws to the forefront of the national debate. Conflicting opinions and public opinion bombard society daily, particularly the people who will determine your fate.

• School shootings
• The heated controversy over the Zimmerman trial,
• Increasing stridency from lawmakers for tightened gun control legislation

All these and more increase the possibility of facing prosecution or a wrongful death lawsuit, even if the evidence is clear that you were acting in self-defense.

We protect our vehicles with auto insurance. We protect our homes with homeowners insurance. We protect our health with health insurance. We protect our lives with life insurance. But, if we examine these, what we are really protecting is our financial stability and our way of life should something catastrophic happen in the course of our day to day lives. Insurance is for the unexpected moment when your whole life changes.

Insurance for lawful shooting incidents is no different. It provides the security of knowing you can choose a lawyer you trust to call when you find yourself facing police questioning after a lawful shooting. It means if a prosecutor decides to bring charges, you don’t face losing your home to pay your legal fees. It means you won’t face sitting in jail awaiting trial because of high bail. It means that if you are faced with a civil action on behalf of your assailant or there is injury to a bystander because of your self-defense, you’ll have a lawyer, and your liability will be covered.

We protect so much, including the lives of those we love at the expense of the trauma and turmoil of taking a life if necessary. Shouldn’t we protect our livelihood as well?

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